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How money will be spent?

The BID generates around £100,000 each year for 5 years through a levy of 1.25% on the business rate.  The aim is to raise additional money through match funding and grants.That money is all spent in Ulverston for the benefit of the town, independent of any local authority influence.

The priorities for action identified by consulting with businesses include car parking, rejuvenating the town centre, and marketing & promoting Ulverston to visitors and encouraging people in the surrounding area to buy local products and services.

We will also be working with local employers to help with their presentation of Ulverston as a good place to come to live and work.

Financial Summary 3 September 2016 to 2 September 2017


BID Levy Due for the period £102,412

BID Levy Collected in the period £102.412

Amount Spent by the BID in this period
  Xmas lights 13,192
  Festival support (AFF, Retro Rendezvous, Lanterns, Printfest) 11,050
  Hoad Hill lighting (year 2) 5,000
  Planters in the town/Ulverston in Bloom 5,850
  Marketing & website 16,532
  Support Ulverston Community Enterprises/Coronation Hall (year 2) 15,000
  Ulverston Blue Plaques refurbishment 1,518
  Cost of collection and court fees to pursue non-payments 6,935
  Ulverston Canal Footpaths monolith (allocated) 10,000
  BID administration, accountancy and set up costs 1,417
  Various Christmas support 258
    Total expenditure 86,752
  Surplus from 2016-2017 (not allocated) 15,660
  Surplus from 2015-2016 (carried over) 30,025
  Total surplus end of 2016-2017 accounting period 45,685


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